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We are so glad that you have found us! Here at Earth Bubz we are passionate about raising babies holistically and naturally, so we promise to bring to you the very best in natural baby products that have been tried, tested and loved by our family!


Holistic living to us is not just about using natural products, but also about living a life that encompasses natural living -  looking after your mind, body and soul! 


We are more than just a baby shop - we want to be here to help guide you with holistic baby advice and holistic Mamma support too!


We also want to help you keep as healthy as possible, so we also offer a Mamma Wellness Clinic, where you can access Naturopathic Wellness Programs and Online Naturopathic consultations... so that YOU can feel amazing and be the very best Mamma for your children!


Kind regards 

Angela Baldovin 

Naturopath & Founder of Earth Bubz

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Our Story

My name is Angela Baldovin, I am a Mamma of two beautiful girls, Naturopath... and the Founder of Earth Bubz. 

My journey into natural living began over fifteen years ago with my studies into Natural Medicine: I had always had a desire to "live healthy", but my studies reinforced to me how our lifestyle impacts our genes and destiny!

When my second daughter Lilah was conceived, we soon found out she had a chromosomal condition which was going to predispose her to many health complications. This broke my heart and almost took me into a deep emotional black hole, but also made me draw on inner strength and resilience, and also reinforced to me the importance of living as naturally as possible!

This experience also inspired me to help other Mammas who needed emotional support and  guidance with raising their children naturally.


Read the Whole Story Here

The Earth Mamma Hub

The Earth Mamma hub is our Members Only section of Earth Bubz, it is a space where Mammas can gain insight into HOLISTIC parenting. 


The Earth Mamma Hub was created by myself- Angela Baldovin, a Naturopath with over 15 years industry experience and over a decade of clinical experience! My aim for the Earth Mamma Hub is to assist Mamma's who have a desire to raise their babies naturally and who want to take a holistic approach to not only looking after their family but also who want to take a holistic approach in looking after themselves, so that they can be the vibrant, happy Mamma that they truly want to be!


The Earth Mamma Hub is also the Earth Bubz resource library where members have access to many "Holistic Parenting resources" to help you raise your children naturally


In addition to the Earth Mamma Hub, Earth Bubz also offers online wellnes clinic many Naturopathic Health Programs, with my ten years clinical experience and fifteen years' industry experience, I will personally guide you through these programs, to help you be the happy and energised Mamma that you truly want to be!



April- May Specials

Our April Weleda Sales have been extended into May!


The sales include: 

20% off the Weleda Almond Soothing Facial range and 20% off Baby Derma White Mallow range! 


These are two of the "sensitive" Weleda range, and are ideal for sensitive or dryer skin types (& great for colder winter months), and suitable for new borns right through to the elderly, they are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested and add super nourishment to your skin! 


You will find the Soothing Almond facial care products in the Mamma section & Baby Derma White Mallow in skin section. 


The Earth Mamma Blog 

The Earth Mamma Blog record MY real-life experiences of Mamma Life... Especially after the birth of my second beautiful daughter Lilah. 


 I am open and honest and share many of my experiences, what I like to call the peaks and dips of my motherhood journey, with NO filters! 


My aim is to get Mammas out there to be real and honest about motherhood, to talk about motherhood in its reality and not to feel they have to "put on a front" to keep up appearances, so as to look like the "perfect mother"... whatever that is! 


My aim also for this blog is to uplift and inspire other Mammas and to remind them that what they are going through is "normal” and that in life there are ups and downs...  and it is these beautiful "up" moments that we need to hold onto and remember -  will always follow the “down" moments. 


I am also here to remind you that each and every experience you have is in someway shaping and moulding your life for the better, it is an opportunity for personal inspiration and an opportunity for personal growth!


Click here to go to The Earth Mamma Blog!